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Saturday Workload

I only had to write one article today. However, I was distracted and it took me hours of web browsing, social media, and actual research. Anyway, it’s about 2 pm right now, and I am finally done with that one article plus 1500 words for my creative project (episode 35 – see my post after this). I now have 82 followers. I think it is pretty good, considering that I am writing fantasy with a lot of magical details compared to romance. I will rest a bit this afternoon, I think. I am feeling slightly fatigued.

All in all, this is a good day. I have 11 more followers and one of my clients asked me if I could work as a part-time editor for him. I consider that as an upgrade over the article writing. So, I said yes.

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Online is the Key

Everything is done online nowadays: school, work, freelance stuff, creative projects. It can be freeing and overwhelming at the same time.

Today, I had teacher training online, a landing page due, the second half of an article due, and of course, my creative efforts due (for the personal project, I set the deadline).

So, yeah, I am happy to announce that Episode 33 is now out. I now have 51 followers (compared to yesterday’s 37). I just have to keep on working hard I guess because Dreame has not promoted my book as much as I thought they would. It is a signed book, after all. Some writers say that it is probably because of the genre I have chosen – fantasy. What could have happened then if I had chosen my first love – horror? Everyone is promising a lot of steam in their books. I can only offer PG-13 romance at the moment. Would I be tempted? Well, there are some steamy ones with a good story out there. The story still should be the core of any book. I am very new to this. There are stories in my head, but I have never been that good with execution.

I love making covers. So, my first story is not even done yet, but I already designed the cover of my second because I have a little story vaguely dancing in my head. Haha! I probably should remain confident since I am in self-promotion mode, but I am still trying to find a story that will land me a printed publication deal. One day. Oh, one day. But it all begins right now.

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Yonipp: A Review

Yonipp is a fresh new addition to the world of freelance writing platforms. I have been working with them since they opened their virtual doors, and I immediately felt comfortable and unthreatened.

What do I mean by “unthreatened”? Well, there are a lot of platforms out there that do not really care much for the freelancer. They provide jobs, yes, but the freelancers have to fend for themselves in terms of finding out which employers or clients can be trusted. During times of conflict, these platforms will more likely take the side of the clients. On the other hand, Yonipp always reminds its registered freelancers to check employer reviews.

I have gotten to know how friendly and approachable the people behind Yonipp are. Just send them a message, and they will respond to you as soon as they are able – like the next working day. They even set up the site to make it easy for you to navigate. A bot will help you get around, but a real, live person is also easy to contact.

From what I have experienced so far, Yonnip makes sure that freelance writers are fairly compensated. There are several ways in which you can get your payment transferred to you. It is best, though, to inquire and be upfront at the very beginning. You will, however, get paid quickly if you have a working PayPal account. So, make sure your PayPal is functional.

The turnaround times are also reasonable. In fact, you can be as honest as possible with your bids by saying just how much time you need and for how much. Of course, you have to make sure that your rate and turnaround times are competitive and doable. After all, you get to be rated based on your performance, speed, and reliability. Yonipp has installed a virtual Huddle Box wherein you can discuss the project with your client. Yes, you may ask questions if there are some details you need to clarify. Make sure that you are available to respond to queries from your client, as well. The conversations are documented within the platform to keep both sides safe.

I am a writer who currently lives on the island of Dominica. It is an island that is usually not familiar to many of you, except when it got battered by Hurricane Maria. Many people even mistake my lovely home for the Dominican Republic, but here I am, a writer for Yonipp. The platform welcomes freelancers and clients from all over the world. You can place bids whenever you feel you have extra time. I am married, a mom, and a full-time teacher who is applying for a Ph.D. All of these responsibilities do not clash with Yonipp’s projects because I can choose my working hours.

Do I recommend Yonipp? Yes, I do, even though that means more competition for the projects. Just make sure that you are ready to post your best pitch every time. Yonipp is serious about giving both freelancers and employers a great medium for what they need, but freelancers should also be serious about the projects that they promise responsibility for.

Go to Yonipp to register. Due to COVID-19, I have been exploring freelance platforms and strengthening relationships with those I am already working with and/or for. It is always good to support your day job with extra income.

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Life as a Home-based Writer


I never thought I’d end up working at home. I used to work as a college instructor at Ateneo de Naga University, teaching Programming (ActionScript), Adobe Photoshop, Presentation Skills, Scriptwriting (for short animation), and other subjects related to my degree, which is Bachelors of Science in Digital Illustration and Animation. I graduated cum laude from the same university and thought that I would be serving the school for more years to come.

My family (me, my husband, my brother and the maid) moved to Manila in 2007 basically because my brother was about to start medical school at UST. My family is very close-knit. Something good came out of the move, anyway. My husband is now about to take his comprehensive exams for Masters in Marketing. He works as a manager for a major social and entertainment hub. I now have 18 units of Masters of Mathematics and am almost through with my MFA – and oh, I shouldn’t forget  the four days of law school. 😀

When I found out I was finally pregnant after a year of getting treated for infertility, I was eager to prove to people that I can still work at an office and brave the daily commute (I took a train and a bus to work) until the eighth month. Unfortunately, I was frequently sick. At only two months pregnant, I reluctantly resigned from my office job because my office mates were – and still are – such lovely people. I still stay in touch with some of them. My former manager even became one of my son’s godfathers.

After the sickness stopped, during the fifth month of my pregnancy, I applied to the same office as a home-based writer. Luckily, I was taken in by the company. I still work for them as a home-based web content writer, covering SEO articles, press releases, short news items, and more. I worked on other gigs at the same time.

I went back to working in an office setup on September 2011. I worked as a test creator and rater for mostly Korean test takers. Again, I was in a pleasant environment. My toddler, however, was acting out and was mad at me for working. So, I resigned but I still work part time for the said office, as a rater.

This year, I applied for a regular home-based job. I only needed to be online four hours a day from Mondays to Fridays. I write three blog posts daily for the company’s three websites. I write on entertainment, SEO and travel/festivals. So, I now work daily for two companies and have other part-time jobs while I am almost at the end of the MFA program at De la Salle University (now writing my thesis proposal and have started some essays for my nonfiction thesis).

Working at home is ideal for a mom and graduate student like me. In the mornings, I write for one company. In the afternoons, I am online and available for the other as I work on blog posts for its sites. At night, I get to work on my thesis.

Of course, I do have time for my toddler. I bathe him in the mornings and play with him, albeit a few minutes at a time, during the course of the day. We both spend the afternoons in the living room with the nanny, anyway. During bedtime, I read him three to eight story books, complete with gestures and varying voices. Fee Fi Fo Fum! He loves story time! 🙂

Not everything is perfect about being a home-based writer, though. There are no bonuses and benefits. So, I pay for my benefits as a voluntary contributor. People also think that I am an unemployed mom just waiting for my husband and my parents to hand me money each pay day. The moms in my condo building are either unemployed (with or without nannies) or completely engrossed in their jobs (doctors, office workers, etc). I feel out of place.

In school, it is the same thing. Most of the other MFA students are very young (22 to 26 years old), younger than my brother who is now a medical intern.

I try to make the most of being a home-based writer and see the best that I can get out of it. The flexibility of hours is amazing, of course. I can buy the weekly groceries on Wednesdays at 4 pm. I can go for a mani-pedi in the morning. I can bring my son to the doctor when the need arises. There is no need to go on a leave. The problem is I really am never on vacation. I am always on, almost 24/7. I say ‘almost’ because I do sleep. Sleep is not as refreshing, however, when your son’s toddler bed is right next to your bed and he sometimes pees a lot to wet the covers – at least that is the case lately what with him drinking too much milk and juice during the day (sometimes as much as 4 Big Mango Zestos, 3 large bottles of milk and more). 😀 But yes, at least I am with him. He is my priority, and that is why I am a home-based writer.

Next year, he starts kindergarten. By then, I hopefully would have my MFA degree. I will first get him accustomed to going to school and then I will check if I can get back to an office setup. I am considering jobs as college instructor, SEO writer, or translator (well, I do have to review Spanish). My son and I do have to learn how to be independent of each other. If things don’t work out as planned, there is always the flexible life of a home-based writer.

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Ixomsoft Computing Solutions

I have just started working as a blogger/features writer for iXOMsoft Computing Solutions. This is the company description, according to its own website:

iXOMSoft is a software and web development company located in Manila, Philippines. Our passion is to develop simple, attractive and usable custom software and web design that serve as a successful marketing and promotional platform for targeting a wider internet audience. We make it possible to be in the lead by offering you a professional software and web development service for a business of any type and scale, which will give you a head start and help get things run smoothly in the online environment.”

So far, I am having fun creating content for them. I do hope I will be able to boost their site hits, as well as to engage more potential clients.

To know more about its services, you may visit any of the following sites:


web content jobs An Initial Review

I have been applying to all sorts of online writing jobs lately just to see which ones are genuine, and which ones are bogus. I have been getting tired of finding out about writers getting scammed or paid pennies for their hard work.  I applied to because a former office-mate recommended it. She said that the site is genuine,  but work can be pretty scarce.

I applied and got accepted after I submitted a short writing sample. I was asked to choose from among three topics, and had to write so-and-so number of words on it. After my writing sample was approved, I had to go through a grammar exam. I passed the grammar exam, but I’d like to think that it was the distraction of taking it while eating my dinner was what made me score below 80%. Anyway, it was probably the impatience of going through really long sentences and figuring out which ones are written using perfect -flawless! – grammar that did me in.

As of the moment, I am a level 1 writer. There are no available jobs yet, but it looks like the site is for real. You may have to endure lower pay when you are still at a lower level. I do wonder when I will get to level 5 if work is so scarce that it is practically not available all the time.

Don’t worry about me: I have two regular home-based jobs and two part-time ones. 🙂


My OCD is Acting Up…

When I have nothing much lined up to do, my mind wanders to other things that I could possibly accomplish during the day. For example, today I have to proofread 5000 words of a medical article. I know I will be finished before 1 pm, though it is still due on Friday. Then, I can buy the weekly groceries. Now, what to do afterwards? I can get my much-needed mani-pedi, hopefully will remember not to get a foot spa because my feet are smoother without people trying to scrape off my skin. I will probably end up reading Hawking or Einstein while getting my feet done. I need to read lots of stuff for my upcoming thesis.

I am currently working regularly for two companies, part-time for one, and freelance for another (I have actual contracts for three home-based jobs), and still scouring the net for other jobs. There are lots of suspicious offers that I would like to prove as scams, but I would be, of course, happier if they turn out to be genuine home-based job opportunities.

Hopefully, I will get to write about these various sites and offers later on, to help other web content writers.


submitted article, bought groceries but now too lazy to get that mani-pedi. would rather stay home to read, write and update statuses