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Power Naps

Who knew? Power naps actually work well. I had an itty-bitty break of ten minutes. I lied down on my son’s mat with my feet up on a chair and had a fast snooze. My son kept opening my eyes and kissing my cheek, but I told him that I really needed the nap. So, he relented. I was able to sleep for a few short minutes despite the fact that Lilo and Stitch was playing in the background.

Anyway, I am now back in front of my laptop to work on my thesis proposal. I am finished with work early today. So, I can focus on the proposal, at least for about a little over an hour more. (But here am I writing this blog post.) Then, I will be off with the maid, the nanny and Joreb to buy the weekly groceries. Yes, it takes all four of us and three shopping carts to buy the groceries. It cuts down the amount of time needed to go grocery shopping.

I choose the meat (beef, pork, chicken), fruits, toiletries, snacks(juice, soft drinks, tea, bread, etc.), and breakfast stuff (meat, canned goods, cereal, milk). The maid picks up the detergents, fish and other seafoods, veggies, and all the kitchen supplies. Joreb picks his own snacks, diapers and toddler milk.  He sits inside a cart pushed by his nanny. He loves going shopping. I also love pushing a heavy cart and sweating it a bit out and relaxing.

I am an impatient buyer, though. I get annoyed when someone is still pondering about what to buy because I have my own to-buy list (though I still end up adding items and forgetting others) ready. I have memorized the layout of the supermarket. So, getting around is pretty routine. No need to think so much. I think enough for work and school. It is time to just pick up, push and pay.

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Gym Membership and the Lazy Home Office Worker

I just had my gym membership account frozen for the third (?) time. I had not been working out properly for over a year, So, I am just paying monthly for a membership that I don’t really avail of. I just cannot do it when I am worrying about what time I will get home (even though the gym is located in the mall next to our condo building). There is just too much to do in terms of work and school, and it is getting hard to leave my toddler home. When I leave without him, he asks me “What are you doing? Where are you going?” I’d end up worrying about him whenever I am away.

The condo has a gym but it has only a couple of treadmills and one skiing machine. I have to wake up really early just to be able to use one of the treadmills. Even when I do, there are usually some men and women in their forties or fifties already using the gym before they go to work. I would end up using one of the bikes halfheartedly. But yeah, I just might do that tomorrow – wake up early and end up using the bike. Then, I will just do my crunches and weights at home. Ugh. If I do get up early and if my back does not hurt and if I don’t get tempted to work on an article due Monday. The reluctance is pretty strong, I know.

Also, tomorrow, at about ten in the morning, I have to bring Joreb to the optometrist for his first ever eye checkup.



My OCD is Acting Up…

When I have nothing much lined up to do, my mind wanders to other things that I could possibly accomplish during the day. For example, today I have to proofread 5000 words of a medical article. I know I will be finished before 1 pm, though it is still due on Friday. Then, I can buy the weekly groceries. Now, what to do afterwards? I can get my much-needed mani-pedi, hopefully will remember not to get a foot spa because my feet are smoother without people trying to scrape off my skin. I will probably end up reading Hawking or Einstein while getting my feet done. I need to read lots of stuff for my upcoming thesis.

I am currently working regularly for two companies, part-time for one, and freelance for another (I have actual contracts for three home-based jobs), and still scouring the net for other jobs. There are lots of suspicious offers that I would like to prove as scams, but I would be, of course, happier if they turn out to be genuine home-based job opportunities.

Hopefully, I will get to write about these various sites and offers later on, to help other web content writers.


submitted article, bought groceries but now too lazy to get that mani-pedi. would rather stay home to read, write and update statuses