My OCD is Acting Up…

When I have nothing much lined up to do, my mind wanders to other things that I could possibly accomplish during the day. For example, today I have to proofread 5000 words of a medical article. I know I will be finished before 1 pm, though it is still due on Friday. Then, I can buy the weekly groceries. Now, what to do afterwards? I can get my much-needed mani-pedi, hopefully will remember not to get a foot spa because my feet are smoother without people trying to scrape off my skin. I will probably end up reading Hawking or Einstein while getting my feet done. I need to read lots of stuff for my upcoming thesis.

I am currently working regularly for two companies, part-time for one, and freelance for another (I have actual contracts for three home-based jobs), and still scouring the net for other jobs. There are lots of suspicious offers that I would like to prove as scams, but I would be, of course, happier if they turn out to be genuine home-based job opportunities.

Hopefully, I will get to write about these various sites and offers later on, to help other web content writers.


submitted article, bought groceries but now too lazy to get that mani-pedi. would rather stay home to read, write and update statuses