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Social media has taught me a lot lately.  I realized that when you asked for help on social media, it is equivalent to being stabbed in public. Your friends and family who are not there in the streets to see you get stabbed are excused. They did not know. How could they help? But how about the others who were able to read your post?

My fundraiser had several reactions on Facebook:

  • some immediately donated money from their pockets (they are like the ones who have cars and can drive you to the emergency room in no time)
  • some did not have extra money but made sure their concern is felt through PMs and other contributions (prayers, blood, messages of support, re-sharing of link) – they are like the ones who do not have vehicles themselves but are there to press on the wound while calling 911
  • some merely watched as I see group posts racking up “seen”, but I did not get a message from them (they are those who watch on the sidewalks, afraid that blood will be splattered on them)

It sounds slightly bitter, but I have to be brutally honest. Social media had shone a light on who my real friends are. Weirdly enough, a lot of those who offered their help (in words, cash, prayers, blood, etc.), were strangers. They had the right to turn their backs on me. The stabbing did not concern them. They do not know me, and yet they were able to say kind words. Some even took out money from their wallets. For all they know, this could all be a scam – this fundraiser for my 26 weeker niece. I could not blame them. In the streets, people worry about helping a stranger because it could be a ruse for a stickup. But friends, people who know you, they should be there. Right?

As a college student, I was extravagantly generous I would say. My dad is a doctor, after all, and he was also generous. He charges very little compared to other specialists. He worked free of charge several times when I was still little. He is a good example.

I once paid 3000 pesos to get a friend’s hair fixed. I lent 5000 pesos to a friend in need. I lent 1500 pesos to a student of mine. I never heard from him again. I never minded paying for my friends’ lunches whenever we went out because my tummy was too sensitive that I could no eat at carenderias. I guess I was hoping that karma would unleash something good for me. In the end, there are simply people who are good no matter what their circumstances are. The richest among my FB friends never contacted me. Friends who are struggling teachers, writers and artists are the ones who offered comfort in my time of need.

Because of my beautiful angel-niece, I learned a lot about friendship and appearances.


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Somber, Quiet… No News Yet of Jesse Robredo and Two Pilots

The search and rescue team has not yet found Secretary Jesse Robredo, and the two pilots of the Seneca plane that crashed yesterday at about 4:30 Philippine time. Despite some nasty tweets, false reports and other setbacks, the people of Naga City are still holding out hope for a miracle.

Tomorrow, search and rescue operations will resume while I try to come up with plausible ways in which the good secretary could have survived the crash. Hopefully, he was able to swim to shore, or  as previous unconfirmed reports had relayed: was rescued by fishermen, and might just be recovering as of the moment. It is rare to have such a good man in politics. So, we are still praying for his safe return.

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Today Didn’t Turn Out as Happy-Sunny as I’d Hoped

Aside from my colds, nothing is really wrong with my day. My meds have been making me sleepy that I spent most of Saturday afternoon taking a nap on the couch. When I woke up, my family had sandwiches for snacks. I also had the added good news of being accepted as regular home-based blogger/web content writer for an up-and-coming website hosting company.

Then, my son Joreb, the nanny and I went down to the 7th floor playground (we live in a condo building) so that my toddler could catch some rays and play with other children. Sunlit afternoons had been rare here in Metro Manila after the destructive monsoon rains had flooded most of the metropolis just about a week back.

Then, came the news.

The Philippines’ DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo is missing. The Cessna Seneca plane that was carrying the well-loved statesman has reportedly crashed in Masbate en route to Naga City. As of the moment, he is still missing, but prayers are pouring in from all over the country, especially from the people of Naga City.

I am from Naga City. Secretary Jess served as the city’s mayor for three terms (six?), I think, and my husband and I have the honor of having him as godfather on our wedding.

I am hoping for more prayers. Most of all, I am hoping for a happy ending.

Most of the country is still waiting for more word.