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I am stressed out, but sometimes I feel like it is just futile to express it – complain about it. There is nobody else to talk to because everyone else seems to have a more weighty concern. To say the least, at the moment, the people of Marawi are certainly taking the brunt of all the Philippine troubles.
Yes, sometimes social media posts can relieve some burdens. Someone out there is ‘reading’, albeit maybe not meaning to. The good thing is that Joreb’s catechism class has been cancelled today. Bad news: I have a module due tonight and I am only halfway through it. Also: UWI grad school term has started again. Convent Prep exams are waiting to be written, or at least rewritten.
I am not a fool, though. What’s personal is personal. My complaints are about simple things – barely scratching the surface. I don’t think this is a good thing, though.
personal, rant

I Rarely Get Mad and It Just Happened to be in Public…

It’s a crazy Friday. I had a few mishaps earlier: I walked back to school, looking for something that turned out to be at home and I walked to the public library just to find out it is closed for the day because of an event.


Then, the situation became worse when we went to shop. One guy was very disrespectful. He bumped my mother and was saying, “Look this Chine…” Then, he continued muttering. “All that shopping, chung chung chung”. So, when he came to me saying, “uh.uh.uh”, heavily implying I could not speak English and he must therefore grunt like a mute person while he pointed the product at me, I had to answer back. I got the gist of the gesture, though. It was a power play. He wanted to come before me because I am a foreigner who could not speak English. There were other counters, especially for someone who only had a couple of items. I had stepped aside for many other people before. However, my parents felt that I should not have behaved like that in public. There was no cursing involved. My “loud” voice probably would not even be considered loud by some. I was insulted, but I did not insult back.

What do you think Dominican friends? All I said was “If you had asked nicely, I would allow you to come before me, but you were rude.” Those who know me well or have at least had a talk with me a few times are aware that I am not the sort to pick a fight or make a scene. What’s worse: security at this supermarket laughed along with the rest of the crowd. Nobody came to say, “Oh I am sorry about that. The guy has some mental issues – (he certainly did not look like he had mental issues – maybe a drug problem or just had the awesome luck to be naturally rude). Well, that’s what the security said. Still, they should have at least whispered to us, “Oh he does not mean anything by that. He’s kooky” or they could have diffused the situation with a tap on the shoulder of just about anyone who was involved (me who was getting pale with anger, my husband who defended me but somehow added to the fuel, and the guy who just had to be there at that very moment and be his usual charming self).

Anyway, suffice it to say that I feel disappointment everywhere: from my calm dad, my mom who says she never makes a scene in public but who has a much hotter temper, and myself because I had to second guess myself.  I probably still would be more disappointed with myself if I had responded with, “uh, uh, uh”.

personal, rant

6th Wedding Anniversary Thoughts

This year has been cruel and sweet at the same time.

Why cruel? I have been basically robbed – or scammed – by a taxi driver, which does not trump how I was almost molested in a movie theater back in 2008. Every time I enter a cab, I would now ready a pen on one hand as if ready to stab.  I have also been recently diagnosed with two protruding spinal discs, two Tarlov cysts (at about 4 cm each), and degenerative scoliosis. The cysts may mean something mundane, though painful, as medication and physical therapy or they could lead to something serious, expensive and scary, such as surgery. (oh ok – pahabol – somebody just managed to grab my wallet from inside my bag just a few hours ago. how the person managed to do that I could still not comprehend but my ATM cards and credit card had all been blocked already – thankfully! Still, I lost a few photos of my son and a sum of 7,000 pesos in cash)

But of course, there are sweet stuff to make 2013 still lovely. I went back to teaching last January and my three year old is about to start school this June. Donald, my husband, had been promoted to assistant director at the company he works for. I have also been offered a full-time position recently. I had to ask for a bit of a reprieve though when I was asked to start on May 6th. I need time for treatments, and possibly surgery.

Also, my husband and I are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary tomorrow. So, that’s six years married and almost nine years being in love.

Six years basically spells out just about any marriage because six is the number of imperfection. There is a promise of perfection, though, as the number edges towards seven. Six years is the iron and candy anniversary, too. Iron is for strength or in the case of my husband and me, reminds us of the iron throne in The Game of Thrones. Candy is for our son’s and my tendencies to eat lots of sweeties. Image,

Happy Anniversary honey Ducks! Wishing for more of the laughter, the sweeter side of life despite destiny’s tendency to hand out some unexpected and unpleasant stuff. 🙂