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Yonipp: A Review

Yonipp is a fresh new addition to the world of freelance writing platforms. I have been working with them since they opened their virtual doors, and I immediately felt comfortable and unthreatened.

What do I mean by “unthreatened”? Well, there are a lot of platforms out there that do not really care much for the freelancer. They provide jobs, yes, but the freelancers have to fend for themselves in terms of finding out which employers or clients can be trusted. During times of conflict, these platforms will more likely take the side of the clients. On the other hand, Yonipp always reminds its registered freelancers to check employer reviews.

I have gotten to know how friendly and approachable the people behind Yonipp are. Just send them a message, and they will respond to you as soon as they are able – like the next working day. They even set up the site to make it easy for you to navigate. A bot will help you get around, but a real, live person is also easy to contact.

From what I have experienced so far, Yonnip makes sure that freelance writers are fairly compensated. There are several ways in which you can get your payment transferred to you. It is best, though, to inquire and be upfront at the very beginning. You will, however, get paid quickly if you have a working PayPal account. So, make sure your PayPal is functional.

The turnaround times are also reasonable. In fact, you can be as honest as possible with your bids by saying just how much time you need and for how much. Of course, you have to make sure that your rate and turnaround times are competitive and doable. After all, you get to be rated based on your performance, speed, and reliability. Yonipp has installed a virtual Huddle Box wherein you can discuss the project with your client. Yes, you may ask questions if there are some details you need to clarify. Make sure that you are available to respond to queries from your client, as well. The conversations are documented within the platform to keep both sides safe.

I am a writer who currently lives on the island of Dominica. It is an island that is usually not familiar to many of you, except when it got battered by Hurricane Maria. Many people even mistake my lovely home for the Dominican Republic, but here I am, a writer for Yonipp. The platform welcomes freelancers and clients from all over the world. You can place bids whenever you feel you have extra time. I am married, a mom, and a full-time teacher who is applying for a Ph.D. All of these responsibilities do not clash with Yonipp’s projects because I can choose my working hours.

Do I recommend Yonipp? Yes, I do, even though that means more competition for the projects. Just make sure that you are ready to post your best pitch every time. Yonipp is serious about giving both freelancers and employers a great medium for what they need, but freelancers should also be serious about the projects that they promise responsibility for.

Go to Yonipp to register. Due to COVID-19, I have been exploring freelance platforms and strengthening relationships with those I am already working with and/or for. It is always good to support your day job with extra income.

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Just, today…

Tuesday: done with another 2000 words for the 10000 e-book (now at 4000/1000) I am working on for a client. Now, the client wants me to prioritize a different e-book, at 10,000 words, as well. He started writing that one himself, but could not finish. He is a nice guy, from what I am gleaning so far.
The other client is more predictable: It’s 2500 words a day, He just goes like “I need an article with 2500 words. Please confirm”. He is okay, though. Once he gave me a rush job and I got an alert while lining up for groceries. I told him the island is going on lock-down and that I needed to buy food. He was like, “Oh, there is no rush. Message me when you get home.”
The third client has not contacted me yet (she did say she will be getting back in a few days), but that is for the best. I am usually very dizzy by about this time, I just want to rest my fingers – but I am not done yet.
When online schooling resumes next week, my hours will go crazy. Yes, all hell will break loose! However, I like how it mimics normalcy. I just cannot handle Netflix at large doses, unless there is a proper series to watch right now. I have to watch Westworld via HBO Now. Shudder and Britbox are more promising at this point, but Netflix is more varied and also cheaper than HBO Now. I always thought I would overdose on movies and TV if I get a long break. Now that I do have a long break, I just long to go back to my classroom and argue with my second graders. I miss their hugs!
I also contacted three supermarkets accepting orders via Whats App, but it seems you will still end up getting exposed in crowds, anyway, when you pick up your groceries. I also do not live in town where the deliveries can reach. So, the best option is to leave the house right after curfew lifts (6:00 am-ish) to get some grocery shopping this week. I am also suspicious of prepackaged fruits and veggies. The overripe ones get hidden under the fresh ones.
Let us just call this the #coronaviruschronicles