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The 40th Episode The Royal Witch is Out! (Dreame)

I could not believe I managed to write 40 episodes of mostly 1500+ words each on a web novel. lol I have probably just reached the halfway point. I am not earning anything from it since I am still struggling to get more readers. I am now at 94 followers. However, I am having fun. Today, I wrote after going through a Google Meet, fixing this school year’s Grade 2 timetable, writing an article and revising/proofreading two more.

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The Royal Flower – Episode 5 is out!

I said I was not going to write a second book until I am done with the first. lol! But I still kept on writing. I liked my first book better so far, but this one is also starting to crowd my thoughts.

I might not update this one daily if I want to have a life beyond my teaching job, freelance work, and creative writing projects. Ugh.

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Serpent & Dove Series: A Review from a Spec Fic Fan

I had been reading a lot of horror lately, but somehow I found my way back to Young Adult books. Shelby Mahurin’s Serpent & Dove series was the first series I got caught into after completing Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone trilogy a few months back. Mahurin’s series read a little more mature although it is marked as a Harper Teen book. I started writing my fantasy romance web novel on a witch and a warlock before I realized that I have been neglecting a book I own, which has a witch and a witch hunter as the romantic leads.

What started as a means to get a feel for the teenage fantasy romance genre, I started racing through Mahurin’s series. Despite all my workload, I found myself getting caught up in not only the romance but also the plot of the popular book series. It was certainly a lot steamier than most YA books, so be warned if you are planning to buy it for a precocious tween or a younger teen. While there is only one explicit scene in this thick book (around 500+ pages), the sexual tension was palpable long before that. The enemies to lovers trope certainly set an interesting friction that created a complication that made the ending so much sweeter. I am supposedly not a romance fan but my last few reads had been veering towards the direction. Even my TV series (e.g. Poldark) has some romance with the horror lately, but I had to pause on too much drama. There is so much going on in this world that already warrants tears and despair that it was great to escape into something hopeful, youthful, and romantic.

I am not done with the trilogy, but I am certainly onboard. I have the first two books in paperback format and I have the sample of the last book, Gods and Monsters, in my Kindle. Mahurin made sure Lou and Reid are supported with other characters you can cheer for (e.g. Coco, Ansel, and Beau).