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Ecopywriters.com: An Initial Review

I have been applying to all sorts of online writing jobs lately just to see which ones are genuine, and which ones are bogus. I have been getting tired of finding out about writers getting scammed or paid pennies for their hard work.  I applied to Ecopywriters.com because a former office-mate recommended it. She said that the site is genuine,  but work can be pretty scarce.

I applied and got accepted after I submitted a short writing sample. I was asked to choose from among three topics, and had to write so-and-so number of words on it. After my writing sample was approved, I had to go through a grammar exam. I passed the grammar exam, but I’d like to think that it was the distraction of taking it while eating my dinner was what made me score below 80%. Anyway, it was probably the impatience of going through really long sentences and figuring out which ones are written using perfect -flawless! – grammar that did me in.

As of the moment, I am a level 1 writer. There are no available jobs yet, but it looks like the site is for real. You may have to endure lower pay when you are still at a lower level. I do wonder when I will get to level 5 if work is so scarce that it is practically not available all the time.

Don’t worry about me: I have two regular home-based jobs and two part-time ones. 🙂