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Episode 32 has been released

I don’t know how many of you read stories through the Dreame app, but I have been updating my story daily. It is a romance fantasy. I try my best to make it original. It is tough since I only spend a couple of hours, at the most, everyday on it. I am a freelance SEO writer and a full-time teacher.

My initial motivation is pragmatic. I want to earn more. However, I am also curious if I have learned anything from ghostwriting for other people (novellas) and almost finishing my MFA in Creative Writing (all that is missing is the thesis). I completed an MsC in Instructional Design and Technology, instead.

I will try to write a review about Dreame once I know just how well it works for writers, but I must say the more experienced writers are very helpful. I joined a Facebook group with writers and readers. I got 9 responses minutes after I posted a query. Awesome! Remind me not to judge people by what they do. I have to admit that I was skeptical about romance writing on web novel apps. I even complained about how my mom had to pay so much for the stories. I realized that the writers do not even get much out of it, but many of them enjoy what they do. Some do claim that they have earned thousands of dollars from the app. I learned that you cannot really put down people who are trying their best. People who like their stories can read their works, and even buy coins for the pay-for-read ones (How else will the writers earn?). Those who don’t like that kind of thing can just skip it.

Anyway, I am one of them now – since 31st July 2021. I don’t have many followers yet, but I enjoy the process.

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Promoting my Online Portfolio (and other Efforts)

I noticed that most of my blog visitors this year ended up here because of my Yonipp review. A little update: I am still working with them. Pretty awesome, right? Well, I just have to make sure I meet all my deadlines. I am juggling work with them with my full-time job as a teacher. I even have other clients (two other regular ones). Actually, these things have been made possible by the new work setup. There is a rising number of COVID cases here in Dominica. So, teaching may start online this October. There is nothing great about COVID, let me be clear, but I am always trying to use my time wisely, grab every opportunity, and earn extra. Jobs are often on the precipice these days.

For those who are interested in hiring an academic, SEO, or creative writer, please check I plan to add more samples there whenever I get time.

I am also writing a fantasy romance via Dreame under the name Sylvaine 8. It’s definitely not going to win any awards, and in no way is the book literary. I do need some feedback on it for those who read books on the Dreame app. The title is The Royal Witch.