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Ortho Updates

Last Friday, I graduated. Well, I still have to finish my thesis in order to graduate from my MFA course but at least I graduated from my physical therapy sessions. I was evaluated by my orthopedic surgeon and this is what he had to say:

– I still have sore pressure points (“lamig” according to hilots)

– I cannot carry over ten pounds of weight

– I need a laptop for work and a laptop at home because I cannot use netbooks (I use graphics software like Maya). Even most ultrabooks cannot handle full-on graphics, using Intel HD 400 graphics card instead of NVIDIA ones.

– Carrying heavy weights can aggravate my bulging disc and may then result to a slipped disc.

– I should go for a sort of massage therapy that makes use of hot stones. (I’m a bit excited about this.)

– I may opt to continue my physical therapy sessions.

Anyway, that’s all for now. My family will be off to church in a bit.