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Packed Day, As Usual

Today was packed but it is no longer surprising.

I did:

  • an e-book revision (changed the order of chapters)
  • a landing page revision (proofreading, diction, etc.)
  • an optimized article (more than 1600 words)
  • a three-hour Zoom meeting on Hybrid versus Blended Learning (with co-teachers and a resource speaker)
  • 1500 words added to Story 1
  • 1000 words added to Story 2
  • Skipped exercise because of asthma

I will probably be more coherent with my blog post tomorrow. For now, I leave you a list. At least, I have done all of the above.

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The Royal Flower – Episode 5 is out!

I said I was not going to write a second book until I am done with the first. lol! But I still kept on writing. I liked my first book better so far, but this one is also starting to crowd my thoughts.

I might not update this one daily if I want to have a life beyond my teaching job, freelance work, and creative writing projects. Ugh.

coronaviruschronicles, online jobs, web content jobs

Saturday Workload

I only had to write one article today. However, I was distracted and it took me hours of web browsing, social media, and actual research. Anyway, it’s about 2 pm right now, and I am finally done with that one article plus 1500 words for my creative project (episode 35 – see my post after this). I now have 82 followers. I think it is pretty good, considering that I am writing fantasy with a lot of magical details compared to romance. I will rest a bit this afternoon, I think. I am feeling slightly fatigued.

All in all, this is a good day. I have 11 more followers and one of my clients asked me if I could work as a part-time editor for him. I consider that as an upgrade over the article writing. So, I said yes.

Dreame, online jobs, web content jobs

Episode 35 is out

With no additional followers, I am starting to question my choice of genre. No, that’s not true. I have been questioning it all along. It’s just that I also want to write what I want to read. Should I sell out and bring on some steam? Probably. lol. For the next book. Anyway, I am not earning anything from this signed project. The $50 I initially got can go bust if my book does not get enough readership. So, I have no plans on withdrawing it if it is still in danger of getting reimbursed.

On a good note, I have been sustaining my writing along with my teacher responsibilities and my freelance load. I am probably mostly writing for myself at this point, but hey, I am optimistic some good will come out of it – maybe not through the app but somewhere.

coronaviruschronicles, Dreame, online jobs, web content jobs

Online is the Key

Everything is done online nowadays: school, work, freelance stuff, creative projects. It can be freeing and overwhelming at the same time.

Today, I had teacher training online, a landing page due, the second half of an article due, and of course, my creative efforts due (for the personal project, I set the deadline).

So, yeah, I am happy to announce that Episode 33 is now out. I now have 51 followers (compared to yesterday’s 37). I just have to keep on working hard I guess because Dreame has not promoted my book as much as I thought they would. It is a signed book, after all. Some writers say that it is probably because of the genre I have chosen – fantasy. What could have happened then if I had chosen my first love – horror? Everyone is promising a lot of steam in their books. I can only offer PG-13 romance at the moment. Would I be tempted? Well, there are some steamy ones with a good story out there. The story still should be the core of any book. I am very new to this. There are stories in my head, but I have never been that good with execution.

I love making covers. So, my first story is not even done yet, but I already designed the cover of my second because I have a little story vaguely dancing in my head. Haha! I probably should remain confident since I am in self-promotion mode, but I am still trying to find a story that will land me a printed publication deal. One day. Oh, one day. But it all begins right now.

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Work, work, work…

I do gig jobs because of the freedom, flexibility and autonomy.

I have a regular job for the financial security.

It means sacrificing leisure time, but I try to find something enjoyable in what I do. I learn a lot even from the lower-paying assignments. I have an IT background, but I have to admit that I am afraid to get back to it. IT gigs and visual arts projects are time-consuming, unless you are still regularly practicing the skills needed – but they are the ones that have the best potential to earn more.

I write at 1000 words daily minimum and 7500 words maximum (crazy headache afterwards). So, I have been sticking to writing. There are some crazy clients out there, too. I did an English to Filipino translation that I was not paid for. I even adjusted the layout of the brochure for the same client. Not one dollar paid. This was last year. The client said hello again. I did not respond. Never again.

What I am working on at the moment:

  • a set of 10 SEO articles for client A
  • a 2500 word article for client B (I just finished a 20k ebook and a 6000 word article for them)
  • 1 2000 word article for client C (who sporadically gives me assignments through the month, usually up to 10 articles)
  • a web novel (personal project)
  • lesson plans to prepare for the delayed opening of the school year (October, instead of September) because of the recent rise in COVID-19 cases here in Dominica

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Yonipp: A Review

Yonipp is a fresh new addition to the world of freelance writing platforms. I have been working with them since they opened their virtual doors, and I immediately felt comfortable and unthreatened.

What do I mean by “unthreatened”? Well, there are a lot of platforms out there that do not really care much for the freelancer. They provide jobs, yes, but the freelancers have to fend for themselves in terms of finding out which employers or clients can be trusted. During times of conflict, these platforms will more likely take the side of the clients. On the other hand, Yonipp always reminds its registered freelancers to check employer reviews.

I have gotten to know how friendly and approachable the people behind Yonipp are. Just send them a message, and they will respond to you as soon as they are able – like the next working day. They even set up the site to make it easy for you to navigate. A bot will help you get around, but a real, live person is also easy to contact.

From what I have experienced so far, Yonnip makes sure that freelance writers are fairly compensated. There are several ways in which you can get your payment transferred to you. It is best, though, to inquire and be upfront at the very beginning. You will, however, get paid quickly if you have a working PayPal account. So, make sure your PayPal is functional.

The turnaround times are also reasonable. In fact, you can be as honest as possible with your bids by saying just how much time you need and for how much. Of course, you have to make sure that your rate and turnaround times are competitive and doable. After all, you get to be rated based on your performance, speed, and reliability. Yonipp has installed a virtual Huddle Box wherein you can discuss the project with your client. Yes, you may ask questions if there are some details you need to clarify. Make sure that you are available to respond to queries from your client, as well. The conversations are documented within the platform to keep both sides safe.

I am a writer who currently lives on the island of Dominica. It is an island that is usually not familiar to many of you, except when it got battered by Hurricane Maria. Many people even mistake my lovely home for the Dominican Republic, but here I am, a writer for Yonipp. The platform welcomes freelancers and clients from all over the world. You can place bids whenever you feel you have extra time. I am married, a mom, and a full-time teacher who is applying for a Ph.D. All of these responsibilities do not clash with Yonipp’s projects because I can choose my working hours.

Do I recommend Yonipp? Yes, I do, even though that means more competition for the projects. Just make sure that you are ready to post your best pitch every time. Yonipp is serious about giving both freelancers and employers a great medium for what they need, but freelancers should also be serious about the projects that they promise responsibility for.

Go to Yonipp to register. Due to COVID-19, I have been exploring freelance platforms and strengthening relationships with those I am already working with and/or for. It is always good to support your day job with extra income.