Almost Two Months

I am back here in Dominica for almost two months now, but I had been so busy starting a new life over again that I had not visited this blog since February. There were just too many things to do. Of course, all of these things required me being inside my dad’s clinic (the inner office) or at home in front of my laptop. Well, what can I do? I am a full-fledged introvert. I only go out to buy stuff, attend church, and actually check out my new work place to find out what I need to do to prepare for September.

What are the things I have been busy with, anyway?

– A freelance writing job: 2000 words or more a day

– My MFA thesis (revising ten essays, writing the exegetic essay)

– being hands-on with my son. His nanny is now my mom’s all around maid. So, this includes: disciplining, bathing, feeding, playing with, reading to. You know, the whole works.

– Short stories. I have joined four different competitions so far. Win or lose, I tried. That’s a big deal for me, because I have never before sent a short story to a competition or even for a journal.

– A full-length children’s novel (This could go nowhere, but God, I am trying my best. I would be so happy if I get published even just once)

– enrolling into a new Master’s programme (Instructional Media). I am making the most of the fact that I am here in the Caribbean so I enrolled into the University of the West Indies.

– getting used to the idea that I would be teaching second Grade in September. I miss teaching College. I was a 3D animation teacher. In September, I will be drawing on the board with coloured chalk.

So, there. I am getting back to whatever I was doing before I started writing this blog post.