For Everything There is a Reason

I sit here today in a nearly empty faculty room. It is my favorite time to work, early morning when my mind is still untainted by the experiences of the day. I would like to say that I was able to keep my mind clear of all worries, but that is not true.

Today, I will be going through my second round of nerve tests, to find out if the Tarlov cysts pressing my, well, nerves, are doing much damage. I feel some numbness along my legs at times, but I am still hopeful that the results will turn out negative. Negative here means that I do not need to go through surgery. Negative means that I am still a little far off from being a cripple. I could continue my life, albeit in constant pain and in constant fear that one day it would be time to really go through that surgery.

The day is good, though, and I understand that everything happens for a reason. Everything. Even rare diseases that could leave you crippled, surgery or not.