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Busy Days

For more than a month, I was not able to post anything on this blog. I was not even able to express what happened during the holidays. I was not able to clock in the New Year.

Things have been really busy since the first week of December, which started off with my husband’s hospitalization.  The holidays are definitely busy. The maids both had to go home for a week each. Without the housekeeper, we had to constantly eat out or have meals delivered. (Unfortunately, I do not know how to cook but I plan to remedy this in the near future.) When it was the nanny’s turn, I had no one to assist me with my three-year old but I still wrote blogs for the company I work with.


Before December was over, I sent out job applications to writing companies and schools. By the first week of January, I was given an appointment for an interview with one of the schools – a Computer Science and Engineering college. After the actual interview and teaching demo, I was hired. In two days, I started working as a multimedia arts instructor with 16 hours a week.  (well, I started with 12 hours but the load was bumped up to 16).

Now, I am a college instructor, home-based blogger, MFA student writing my thesis, a mom and a wife. It was getting harder to get my thoughts down for this blog but I will still try. 🙂