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Joreb Walks the Runway


Last Saturday, October 20, Joreb joined the Smart Parenting Model Search 2012. It was the model search’s third year but it was our first time to join the contest. In 2010, when Joreb was a year old, I wanted to enter him in the said competition. Unfortunately, he went sick a few days before and during the actual date of the go-see. So, obviously we could not go. The following year, we couldn’t go either because I still had to attend Saturday MFA classes then. I definitely would not skip a class for a go-see. What kind of example will I be setting for Joreb if I did? Finally, this year, we found time for the go-see.

We didn’t expect that there would be a modelling ramp. During the model search’s two previous years, photographers only took photos of the kids. The kids didn’t have to walk the runway. So, I was a little nervous for Joreb. We didn’t practice anything at all because I don’t like forcing him into doing what he does not love, or at least like. I was afraid, however, that he would get scared of the ramp or would fall off. Thankfully, things went well even though he was a little uncertain at first. He gave the photographer his best smile and went walking on the ramp all by himself towards the judges. That’s awesome for a three year old first timer!

My husband and I decided to let Joreb join the model search because we want him to develop self-confidence. It was also a good opportunity for him to see and play with other kids aside from those he plays with on the condo’s 7th floor playground. If he manages to get a spot on the top six, we would be very happy. He would end up in the pages of Smart Parenting magazine. If not, it does not really matter because we had so much fun – so much that I fell sick right after going home. I am still sick with a cough and recovering from the flu. But, whatever. 🙂


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