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Joreb’s Mole (and other Birthmarks)

Just a few days after Joreb had his regular checkup (last Saturday), he had to go to the dermatologist. Well, we went to the clinic just this morning. He was complaining about his mole yesterday. He said that it was very itchy.

When Joreb was still a baby, we all thought that the large mark on his chest was just any port wine birthmark. Then, the birthmark darkened, and hair grew on it. The hair was apparently causing the itchy sensation. The mole shouldn’t cause a lot of  worries, considering that his lolo and uncle on his dad’s side both have large, dark moles with hair on their hands. Both families, as far as I know, do not have histories of melanoma. However, I could not help but worry, especially since his pediatrician advised us to get Joreb checked by a dermatologist.

The dermatologist was astonished at the number of birthmarks on Joreb’s body. The others were lighter in color and do not have hair. In short, they can easily be dismissed as okay.  The biggest one, however, needs to be monitored regularly. Because of this particular mole, Joreb cannot afford to develop a sunburn on his chest. He cannot scratch the spot, either, even if it itches. The dermatologist advised to use an ice cube on the area, instead.

For now, though, everything is fine. There is no need to go through a biopsy except if the mole doubles in size, gets jagged, becomes a site for a bumpier growth, and turns whitish/bluish/reddish.


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