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Joreb William’s Regular Checkup

My son just got checked by his pedia this morning. He had gained 1.5 kilos since the last time his  doctor saw him. He had to slow down on his future weight gain to avoid being overweight. He is now about 18 kilos (between 39 and 40 pounds) and 3 feet 3 inches at 3 years and 3 months. According to his doctor, his BMI, at 19, is just right. She also commended him for being very respectful, nodding and saying his “pos” and “opos” while talking to her. She said other kids are not that respectful nowadays. She made this comment almost right after another boy, a little older than Joreb, came barging into the clinic, pushing Joreb just as the pediatrician was checking my son’s ears. I had to hold my anger in check because the other boy could have caused an accident that could lead to damaged ears for my son. I also don’t like my son getting pushed around, especially since the boy’s mom is right behind her own son. It was a good thing that the doctor was able to hold her hands still enough.

Anyway, I was generally happy with the checkup, although we had to go home at almost 1 pm. Joreb is also set for a checkup with a pediatrics opthalmologist next week. He had been using my tablet everyday, learning spelling, reading and all sort of things, watching Youtube, and playing video games, so it is no wonder that I fear for his eyes. I myself am near-sighted, with both eyes at -6.00 diopters or 600. At ten years old, my eyes were already at -4.00 diopters or 400. I hope his eyes are fine, though, and that we will just be going for a routine check.



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