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Another Death…

The death of Secretary Jess Robredo still stings. Today, however, things went from bad to worse, and not just because it’s a Monday. My former office-based boss, who also gave me home-based assignments from time to time, was shot dead by robbers yesterday at around 6:00 pm. This happened in a convenience store a mere walking distance away from the office. His name was Robert Armstrong, a 45-year old American who had lived here in the Philippines for a few years now. He was married to a Filipina with whom he had a three year old. He was not just any foreigner as the news seem to suggest. He was a kind boss who always asked “Is it okay if I give you this assignment” even when we all know full well that the assignments he was giving us were part of our job, anyway. He never changed even when I resigned as an office-based worker to become a part-time, home-based one. He never made us feel uncomfortable, and we did not even feel the cultural differences. He was our friend. R.I.P. Mr. Robert Armstrong.

Photo below: Christmas Party 2011. In the photo: Kathy, sir Rob and James (I took the picture).


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